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Mobile Marketing

Just like any other mass media with a large number of subscribers, we can publicize information about your company, products or services. In this case, the information goes straight to users' mobile devices.


The Advantages of Newsland:

  • Active audiences with average and higher than average levels of income
  • Interactive environment
  • Delivery of information directly to subscribers
  • Higher response rate, as compared with other Internet media
  • Steadily growing number of users

Smart Mobile Advertising

We can deliver practically any information to our users, be it text or graphics. The user will see images of your products. You will have a chance for a detailed explanation of your services and promotions.

Interactive Marketing Actions

Take advantage of the interactive nature of our unique marketing tool! Conduct a poll, asking questions about what your subscribers want and whether they would like to receive more information about your products or offer them discounts. And we will help you do that.

Mobile Media Source

Creating a printed corporate magazine or newspaper takes a lot of time and effort, even if you already have all the information you intend to publicize.

Take a shorter route. Trust us with doing it for you. Create your own mobile media source. We will inform our subscribers about it and your steady customers will have a new chance to receive their favorite information in a convenient format.


What media do you use to find out the latest news?

Word of mouth