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Welcome to Newsland!

Please accept our greetings and gratitude for visiting our site. If you are interested in investing in our business, we are ready to discuss conditions.


We created Newsland believing that we would be able to provide a unique service to our subscribers, instantly delivering reliable information about anything to their smart devices. Providing quality service to our users is the heart of our business and it has been and will remain our priority objective.

Our mission is creating and developing the fundamentally new culture of getting news, so as to make it totally available and useful. Our service is widely accessible. We support several languages and the majority of our services are provided free of charge. We generate revenue by delivering relevant, cost-effective, online advertising. Our advertising is useful and never pushy or obnoxious. We strive to provide quality commercial information to our users.

We want Newsland Company to become an important and significant modern public institution.

Newsland uses an innovative approach to business and follow up progressive business standards. The company strictly adheres to international standards. We strictly observe the rights of our stockholders and investors as well as ethical principles and take part in educational and charity programs.

Newsland is a highly profitable and dynamically developing and efficient hi-tech company. We are ambitious and our ambitions are upheld by the high professional qualities of our team and our market success. In order to speed up our development, we are prepared to engage additional financial resources. This is why we welcome venture and investment companies in search of highly profitable professionally managed projects.

If you are interested in investing in our business, we are ready to discuss conditions.


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