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Quick Start

The current version of Newsland software is developed for the devices supporting Windows Mobile 2003, Windows Mobile 5.0, Windows Mobile 2003 Smartphone Edition, Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone Edition.


How to install Newsland?

1. Download Newsland software.

2. Make sure your device is connected to the PC.

3. Run Setup.ехе and wait until installation is complete.

4. Run Newsland on your device: Start->Programs->Newsland.

5. Connect your device to Internet. To do this:

  • make sure that your desktop PC is connected to Internet and your device is connected to the PC.
  • if your PC doesn’t have Internet access, you may connect the mobile device to Internet via GPRS/EDGE. For more information on GPRS/EDGE connection please contact your cell phone provider.

6. To get information on your device click “Synchronize channels” button.

7. Wait until synchronization is complete.

Congratulations! You’ve just become Newsland user! Now you can read the latest interesting news right on your device.

After installation the demo account is activated on your device. Using demo account you get information from 10-12 fixed sources.

Please sign up on our site to get information from all available information sources.

How to get content from the selected sources?

1. Click “Enter Newsland” and select “New User? Click to Sign Up”.

2. Fill in the short application.

3. You will receive notification email with activation link. Click this link.

4. After account activation click “Enter Newsland” and enter your login and password in the appropriate fields. Click ‘Sign In”.

5. To subscribe to the new sources go to the Catalog.

6. Choose the sources you are interested in.

7. Run Newsland on your device: Start->Programs->Newsland.

8. Go to Menu/Settings/Account.

9. Enter your login (email address) in the field Login.

10. Enter your password in the field “Password”.

11. Click Synchronize Channels to receive the updates.

12. Wait until synchronization is complete.

Congratulations! Now you can receive the most interesting content from all information sources available in Newsland catalog!!!


What media do you use to find out the latest news?

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