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Wny Newsland?

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Newsland Features

What do you get being a Newsland user?

News articles are downloaded in full

  • You receive not only headlines as it is done via RSS aggregators but the full text of the article, including pictures and hyperlinks.
  • You may read news at any time, whenever and wherever convenient even without the Internet connection.
  • You may save the full text of the article you like and view it on your desktop PC later.

Available Newsland channels are arranged in the thematic catalog

  • Interesting and popular web resources are gathered together in a single catalog.
  • Channels are divided into groups according to the topics and spheres of interests.
  • Finally, you have a choice among various web resources available – we have at least 2-3 different channels in the catalog that cover the same topic.

Newsland interface is user-friendly

  • Quick and easy setup and installation processes.
  • Synchronization and updates downloads take less time than in RSS aggregators because information delivered is archived.

Every information source is precisely reviewed

  • Newsland is easy to read since all information channels have the same format and a unique template.
  • You download only needed information because every channel has its own schedule according to which updates are downloaded. Besides we optimize the volume of the updates to be downloaded to decrease traffic and to speed up sync session.
  • We don’t have boring channels in our catalog – each source is reviewed by our content specialists.

All links of Newsland chain are regularly supervised

  • Newsland is responsible for the whole process of the information delivery. There is no need to create RSS-feed or PDA-version of the site to let your visitors and mobile devices’ owners read the news from the Pocket PCs. If you are the content provider, all you have to say is: “Yes! I want to get into the Newsland catalog”. We do the rest.
  • If you have any questions, comments, or technical issues, please contact our single Newsland Support service.

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