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What Is Newsland?

Newsland is the news provider for smart mobile devices (smartphones and PDAs), it is your personal information service.

Just imagine your Pocket PC or smartphone getting information you want all by itself! With no time spent for Internet surfing, you turn on your mobile device and get the info you want right there and whenever convenient, as if editing your own information magazine!

Newsland service is absolutely FREE!


It is so simple to know what is going on when you have Newsland:

This is all you do. Now all the news and interesting articles come up right on the display of your mobile device.

How Does It Work?

Newsland converts website pictures and text into a format convenient for reading on large-display mobile devices.

Reading news on mobile device is not much different than reading it in the Internet.

The fundamental difference is that the information is now available to you any time anywhere, even while staying offline.

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