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About Newsland

Newsland is the news provider for smart mobile devices (smartphones, communicators and Pocket PCs). It’s the international company with headquarters in Los Angeles, USA, and regional offices in London, UK and Moscow, Russia.


What We Do

Our mission is creating and developing the fundamentally new culture of getting news by making information accessible and useful. Our system supports several languages and most of our services are free of charge.
We aim at making Newsland users to be free and make their own decisions as to where and how to get information from their favorite news sources. This is because our subscribers are young mobile people living at the cutting edge of progress. They are open-minded, interested in everything new and want to learn about life and live to the full.
Our subscribers are always aware of what is going on, learning the latest news updates from the screens of their smart mobile devices, smart phones, communicators and Pocket PCs. Weather forecasts, the latest business news or recent movie reviews are always at the tips of their fingers, even offline.
Wherever you are, on a plane, in a café or at a party, you can always read news from selected sources, leaving it to us to deliver it to your mobile device.
Our catalog consists of over 500 unique Internet sources. The number keeps growing to reach over 2000 by the end of year 2006. Based on the content provided by leading mass media and internet publications, you may put together your own selection of news topics, which you have trust and interest in. If you believe that we have missed an interesting source, please, contact our content service and ask to add the source to our catalog. 

A Bit of History

Newsland is the land of news we used to dream about. We dreamed about creating a world of our own where we could be free and never depend on access to the global web and never waste time searching for the latest updates trough Internet pages.
We were tired of the daily crushing overflow of news. We did not want to know what we did not ask for. We wanted only the latest of what was important to us right in our hands wherever in the world we might be. And what we had in our hands were smart mobile devices, which gave us the idea of creating a smart service to make our dreams come true.
The idea lay in the base of the adventurous and very ambitious Newsland project. Officially, the service was opened on November 25, 2005. As soon as by the end of the year, the number of users, in Russia alone, came to 100 000, while the catalogue of sources grew by a factor of 10!
Thousands of people want to be as mobile and independent as we are!
President and Inspirer of Newsland – Mark Fedin (


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