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Would you like to increase the audience of your publication by adding mobile device users to it? Become a Newsland content provider.


For Your Publication, Newsland Means:

  • A simple and convenient way to bring news to public

    Cooperating with Newsland international company will considerably increase the audience of your publication and response rate.

  • Technical support

    We will take care of all the technical aspects of publicizing your news.

  • We will place your publication in our catalog

    We describe every source in detail, add links for subscribers' first-hand look and place a link to your site alongside every delivered news item. We deliver news unchanged and preserve every link in the text.

  • We boost the popularity of your site

    Any additional information, news items, articles and archive issues subscribers get directly from your site because news we deliver is limited by our format

  • We assure constant access to your publication

    Newsland makes your publication accessible at any place and time! Subscribers can get to it during their business or recreation trips, while sitting in traffic jams, attending business meetings or entertaining their guests – indoors or outdoors, anywhere in the world and at any convenient time!

How Can I Add Information From My Site To Newsland?

It is very simple!
To become our content provider, please, send your application to our content department. Include the following information:

  • Your consent for providing news content to Newsland subscribers
  • The Url address of your page or pages that you want to make available to subscribers
  • Indicate the time when your site is updated

What media do you use to find out the latest news?

Word of mouth